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God laid it on the heart of Mr. W.O. Williams to establish a new church to spread the gospel. In 1941. Mr. and Mrs. W.O. Williams donated some property and built a wooden structure dedicated to worship. The building was 30′ by 40′ and was furnished with a piano, pews, hymnals, and a heater. The building was completed in September 1941. 

Records  show that the church was formed at 11:00 AM on October 5, 1941. This meeting was opened with 8 members but was the meeting was left until the conclusion a revival that was being conducted. The name “New Home Baptist Church”  was chosen for the church. The church had 28 members by the close of the meeting. During the revival H.D. Culpepper was the first convert by the church and was baptized in what is now Folsom Park, near the railroad crossing on Center St.

The church met for business each in October to establish policies and procedures. Some of those included; the church would have preaching service every Sunday and Sunday School at 10:30 AM. The church also began holding Prayer Meeting each Wednesday.

The 1940′s were a decade of growth for New Home Baptist Church. In 1943 Bro. Alva Horton was called as pastor. He would serve for 20years. In 1949 the church had grown to 268 members with a Sunday School enrollment of 134. During the first 8 years the church had baptized 134. The church had also added onto its property and built a new sanctuary. That building still stands today and houses our fellowship hall.

During the next ten years God continued to bless the church through growth here in Perry and beyond our borders through missions. In 1958 the church supported eight missions ministries with regular monetary gifts. The membership of New Home Baptist church were faithful in the service and stewardship. In 1959 the decision was made to build a new sanctuary.

The current sanctuary was occupied in 1962. New Home Baptist Church sponsored the Paradise Mission that year. The mission was later constituted as Shady Grove Baptist Church. Due to failing heath Bro. Horton retired after 20 years of pastoring the church.

Over the next 22 years the church experienced time of growth and contraction. Nine men serve as pastor over those 22 years. The were no new construction projects during this period. However, the education building was remodeled, addition property was purchased, and ministries were added.

 In 1985 the church called Bro. Bill Jenkins as pastor. The church also voted to build the Family Life Center that year. Bro. Bill Jenkins would continue to serve at New Home Baptist for 17 years. During this period the church averaged 40 baptisms a year.

In 2003 the church called Bro. Mike Hail as pastor. Bro. Mike served for 3 years and was succeeded by Bro. Chuck Dugan in 2007. Bro Chuck served 7 years.

Today Bro. Jeff Stading serves as our pastor as continues to preach the Word of God. The church has active ministries to reach and teach all ages. Specific ministries have come and gone and many changes have been made since 1941, but the message of God’s love and His gift of eternal life through faith in Jesus Christ has not changed.

  January 2021  
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