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About Acteens

Acteens is the missions education organization for teenage girls ages 12-17 or in grades 7-12. Acteens meet at New Home Baptist Church on Wednesdays at 6 PM. Acteens is just one of the missions education organizations offered by WMU. Acteens guides teenage girls to a greater understanding of God's work in the world and how they can join Him in His work.

We have seen countless teenage girls involved in missions education and hands-on missions involvement. Teenage girls continue to grow their understanding and involvement in the cause of missions, the cause of Christ, through Acteens.

Through Acteens teenage girls have the opportunity to learn about missions in such a way that they are challenged to live their lives openly for Christ in a very real and radical way. Girls have the opportunity to experience the world through mission studies, cultural experiences, and hands-on missions involvement. Acteens learn that God can use them every day in countless ways to change their world.


What is Acteens?

Acteens is the WMU organization designed specifically for teenage girls in grades 7-12. Acteens is part of the overall WMU approach to missions education and falls under the WMU umbrella in planning, programming, etc. Acteens may be just the open door your church needs to get involved in missions. By selecting good Acteens leaders and training young women to be effective, missional leaders, your church is laying a foundation for missions involvement and support.

Experiences in Acteens help teen girls become aware that while God wants every person to know of His love and decide to have a relationship with Him through Christ, there are still people in the world who do not know anything about God's love. Involvement in Acteens leads girls to progress from a focus on self to a focus on others. Acteens learn the missions concepts of praying, giving, and doing missions. Through Acteens, a foundation of missions is set for a lifetime.


What else do Acteens do?

  • Mission projects: Some ideas for mission projects are found in The Mag and Acteens Leader. Other projects may develop in response to needs in your community. Sometimes Acteens will work with your youth minister to include all youth in a mission project.

  • MissionsQuest: Acteens can go beyond the basics by participating in this individual achievement plan that will help them become more confident, courageous, and creative as they see Christ’s vision for a lost and hurting world. There are six quests that Acteens can choose to complete in any order. A girl entering Acteens as a seventh-grader and continuing through her twelfth-grade year would have the opportunity to complete all six, one for each year in Acteens. A corresponding award is available upon completion of each quest.
  • Special events: Associational and state Acteens events provide opportunities for girls from several churches to meet together for camps, retreats, or other activities.
  • Acteens Activators: Your Acteens group may apply through your state WMU office to participate in these volunteer missions projects in the United States. Assignments are coordinated through your state WMU office and national WMU.
  • Acteens Activators Abroad: Girls serve in international volunteer projects, coordinated through your state WMU office and national WMU.
  • Acteens Interns: This short-term volunteer program for individual junior and senior Acteens is cosponsored by national WMU and state WMU offices.

Value of Student Missions

It is important to note that being a teenager today is very different from being a teenager a generation ago. While some of the typical themes of search for identity, self-esteem, dating, and other relationship issues continue to ring true, the millennials face an entirely different set of challenges related to technology and an ever-evolving world.

Nothing helps Christian teenagers grow more than sharing their faith and seeing others come to know Christ as Savior. Once they've experienced that joy, they will feel more secure in their own relationships with God, and they will want more opportunities to minister to others in the name of Jesus and to tell others about Him. This is the greatest "win-win" with missions education and discipleship for students. While students are growing as Christians, they also have opportunities to lead others to Christ.

Students who are active in missions education not only learn more about biblical truths, but they also learn how to apply them in their daily lives and they have opportunities individually and in groups to put into practice what they are learning. This includes the opportunity to share their faith in Christ in a variety of ways and in a variety of settings.


  September 2020  
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