Online Giving

Why We Give

Scripture tells us that the things we spend our money on reveal what is in our heart (Matthew 6:21). We believe that cheerful and sacrificial giving of our finances to the work of the local church is one of the deepest expressions of worship that we can offer and shows that we truly want to love as Jesus loved. Contributing from our “firstfruits” helps us avoid the pitfall of greed and acknowledges that everything we have been given belongs to God in the first place and is to be used for His purposes (Matthew 25:14-30).

How do you feel led to give?

Contributions to the work at New Home Baptist Churchcan be made in one of the following ways.

Sunday Worship

If you wish to offer your gift in person, a collection is made during each of our Sunday services. To learn more about when and where we meet, please see our Visit information page.

Give Online

Set up a recurring payment or give a one-time donation through Stripe, our church’s secure electronic giving platform. You do not have to be a registered member to give online. As we practice and encourage debt-free living, we do not encourage gifts made by credit card. ACH and debit are preferred.

Mail Contributions

If you would prefer to send your contributions by mail, you may do so by making your check out to “New Home Baptist Church” and mailing it to:

New Home Baptist Church
405 E. Hampton Springs Ave.
Perry, FL 32347

All contributions are secure and tax-deductible. You will receive a year-end giving statement for your records. To request a giving statement, please contact the church office.