Welcome you to New Home Baptist Church. We are glad that you’re here. On behalf of our entire church family, we want you to know that we are dedicated to meeting the needs of people wherever they are in life. You will find a variety of ministries here. We have classes and activities for every age group from the youngest baby to the “young at heart”. We look forward to getting to know you and ministering alongside you.



We are:

♦ A people, not a place.

♦ A people, not a group of statistics.

♦ A people, not a vendor of religious goods and services.

♦ A people, not a venue for entertainment.

♦ A people that are from this world but no longer of this world.

♦ A people who yearn to promote the name of Jesus Christ.


What We Believe (BAPTIST acronym)

♦ The Bible is God’s infallible Word

♦ The local church is an Autonomous body under the Lordship of Jesus Christ

♦ Believers are a holy Priesthood having direct access to the Father

♦ Believers are to observe Two ordinances: Baptism and the Lord’s Supper

♦ The faith response must be by the Individual and not by a group of which the individual is part.

♦ Salvation results only from God’s grace through faith.

♦ Two scriptural officers of a New Testament church are pastor and deacon.